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Arabic Coffee

In our last few days of venturing Jerusalem’s Old City, Mum and I went on a hunt for the best coffee shop. It was essential that we brought back a bag of freshly brewed coffee for my Teta and my Aunty Helen back in Australia.

A small cup of super strong, super sweet Arabic coffee is a must have every time we pay my grandparents a visit. When I was young I remember standing over the stove glaring into the bright red coffee pot waiting for the water to boil. I remember yelling out what coffee to sugar ratio to add to the water, and disputes resulting from the innocent question. My grandparents prefer what they call ‘three and three’- three parts coffee to three parts sugar. My parents on the other hand prefer ‘three and two.’ My Teta prefers plain coffee beans in her grind where my mum likes her coffee beans ground with fresh cardamon pods. Nonetheless, coffee of this sort is quintessentially Arabic, and I always enjoy it!


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